She became an orphan when her forest home was destroyed for palm oil.

Palm oil companies are cutting Indonesia's rainforests so fast that orangutans could go extinct in our lifetimes.

Her future is in our hands.

Cargill - the #1 importer of palm oil into the US - has a historic opportunity to act now to save mankind's closest kin, before its too late.

Every day brings orangutans closer to the brink of extinction. They may live a world away from Minnesota, but those who can stop this tragedy live in your backyard.

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Please let the good people at Cargill know that their friends and family are counting on them to take action for orangutans before its too late. Cargill trades a quarter of the world's palm oil and is the #1 palm oil importer into the US, which gives the company an enormous influence over how the global palm oil industry operates.
Cargill has the power to transform one of the world's most destructive industries. But they need to hear from you how important this issue is. Please take a moment to speak for endangered orangutans and sign a friendly petition to Cargill today.

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